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Follow here the news about the pilot that MEMEX is running in Barcelona!

User experience testing!

February - March 2022

With a specific methodology created by ITI, social partners ran user experience test on the MVP2 version of the app with community participants and stakeholders. The objective was to gather feedback to improve the app’s features for a better inclusive tool. More than 30 people tested the app in Paris, Lisbon and Barcelona.

Capacity-building event in Barcelona

December 2021

In the 3 cities of the MEMEX pilot activities, a capacity-building event will be organized. This event will aim at presenting the first results of the project to the professionals of the socio-cultural sector and to local policymakers. The two first events took place on December 17th in Barcelona.The event counted 28 participants including project partners!

Digital Storytelling workshop 2.0

Fall 2021

It is time for the second round of digital workshops for storytelling ! They will be aimed at reflecting on cultural heritage as well as creative writing, and offer the possibility of the participants to share their perception and stories of their neighborhood. We will start a new set of sessions in each pilot in Barcelona, Paris and Lisbon. The new campaign will engage more people in the MEMEX project, which is key to enrich the digital heritage of the pilots.

Teaser of Barcelona stories

July 2021

After participating in a series of workshops aimed at reflecting on cultural heritage and creative writing, the participants strolled around the streets of Ciutat Vella to collect materials for their stories. The Liceu Theater, the Ramblas street, the Columbus statue or Raval’s narrow streets, are some of the sites chosen to interweave their personal stories with Barcelona, proposing a cartography of memories that allows their heritage to be lived in another way, with another look. The video teaser of the first project’ stories is available on MEMEX Youtube channel.

App usability test

22 april 2021

In this workshop, participants had their first contact with MEMEx app. To evaluate its usability, they had to share their stories and creating a new one from the scratch. Their impressions on the matter and those of the rest of pilot project participants, will be very useful for technological partners of the project to improve user experience.

Filming sessions for the stories

april 2021

With the stories ready, we went drifting through the streets of Ciutat Vella to film videos to accompany participants narrations: Raval’s tiny streets, el Palau de la Música, les Rambles and Liceu or Parc de la Ciutadella are some of the scenarios in which Sindihogar women locate their experiences.

As happened during the writing phase, members of Sindihogar implicate thereselves in helping with record and compilation of audio visual.

Story writting sessions

March / April 2021

The following workshops were intended to write and share their stories, based on previously made mosaics. Participants listened to and helped each other throughout this process, with a set of life stories, references and hopes that run across Ciutat Vella as an outcome, shaping a different experience around district heritage.

Finding and writing our stories

18 February 2021

In this workshop, organized in two parts, writer Carmen Camacho gave us some guidelines and recommendations to start the process of creative writing. She also highlighted that women, despite barriers to access the publishing world, has traditionally creators and transmitters of oral narrative.

In the second part of it, participants shared their personal mosaics, used as a starting point to build up their stories. In them, several patrimonial elements that have been important in their lives appeared as main contributions to configure their identities.

“Culture and cares at Sant Pere neighborhood” route

February 2021

Following the first workshop, we make a route through caring culture of Sant Pere neighborhood, where Labonne building – which houses Sindihogar – is located. The historian Isabel Segura guided us through seven important locations in the city, its women and different social demands, from the "Rebombori del pa" of 1789 in Plaça de Sant Agustí Vell to the movement "papers for all" in 2001 at the Basilica del Pi.

The original podcast is available here.

An approach to the concept of Cultural Heritage

21 January 2021

We started Memex workshops with a conversation with Consuelo Tomé Virseda, from AECID, about the concept of Cultural Heritage. We had a debate in which issues such as the relation between heritage and gender, migration and cultural appropriation were addressed. Participants shared experiences and insights on heritage from their original communities and also from Ciutat Vella, the district in which the pilot takes place.

Memex project started in 2019 and will run until 2022.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870743.
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