Our Consortium Partners from all over Europe

The MEMEX consortium consists of 9 partners from 6 countries in the geographical European area, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Ireland and Belgium as EU Member States. The consortium partners have been carefully chosen to have a specific, independent and complementary skills essential to fulfil MEMEX's objectives.

The project has a highly interdisciplinary component crossing the social sciences, (digital) humanities, computer vision, augmented reality and machine learning to name only a few. 

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) - MEMEX Coordinator


Alessio del Bue / Stuart James

Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT - Italian Institute of Technology,) is a scientific research center established by law in 2003 by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and Ministry of Economy and Finance, in order to promote excellence in both basic and applied research and to facilitate the economic development at national level. IIT scientific activities started in 2006, they are multidisciplinary and with a very strong approach to technology transfer. 

IIT has a vast experience in managing and supervising research projects with a portfolio of more than 800 external funded research projects since 2006, more than 200 of which financed by EU funding programs as FP7 and H2020 - 41 are funded by European Research Council (ERC). Research is carried out in the Central Research laboratory in Genoa (IIT headquarters), in 11 research satellite centers across Italy and in 2 outstations in US. IIT scientific vision is interdisciplinary, based on the concept of translating evolution into technology, that is mimicking natural solutions to develop new technologies in the fields of robotics, materials science, and life science.

IIT will provide innovative technology for linking the CH digital assets to the physical world in MEMEX-LOC. Using computer vision and dynamic clustering, the team will provide a new combination of technology to find objects in repositories and link them to CH digital data through MEMEX-KG. Moreover, IIT will implement the technology for clustering CH digital assets as stored in the KG for effective user friendly storytelling. Moreover, IIT will support the project with the help of Social Science experts. IIT will coordinate MEMEX project with the support of highly trained administrative staff expert in management of EU projects. The Technology Transfer department and Media offices of the Institute will also provide support in exploitation and dissemination of MEMEX's results.

Alessio Del Bue

Senior Researcher Tenured - Principal Investigator

MEMEX Coordinator

Stuart James

Researcher (Assist. Prof.)

Matteo Taiana

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Matteo Toso

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Muhammad Sarim Mehdi


Interactive Technologies Institute - LARSyS (ITI)


Dina Dionísio


Interactive Technologies Institute (ITI) is part of the Associated Laboratories of Robotics Systems (LARSyS) based in Madeira Island, Portugal, and at the Instituto Superior Técnico Portugal. ITI's a center of design for global change, creating socio-technical systems suited to holistic challenges. ITI operates in the interdisciplinary domain of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), encapsulating contributions from the disciplines of computer science, psychology, social sciences and design, with the goal of engaging in important scientific and technological challenges. HCI with the focus on user needs, tasks, experiences and social and political contexts is well suited to address a new breed of socio-technical systems that combines emerging technologies with the underlying cultural and social fabric. ITI research rests on the following principles: Computing technology must match with human capabilities, taking into account the needs and desires of users and other stakeholders, and economical, cultural and social constraints. To achieve this, we need to:

  1. understand human behaviour and development through social and ethical analyses of how people adapt and use technology,
  2. develop technology, tools and design methods that support efficiency and creativity, 
  3. adopt a risk-taking attitude based on creative ideas for new ways of envisioning technologies that have an impact in the world.

Attempts to reach this will lead to general theories and methods that enhance and broaden the field.

Nuno Nunes


Valentina Nisi

Associate Professor

Vanessa Cesário

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Cátia Jardim

Project manager

Pedro Sanches

Senior Researcher 

Hollie Bostock

Research Assistant

Neeta Khanuja

Research Assistant

Dina Dionísio

Research Assistant

Paulo Bala

Research Assistant

Ana Bettencourt

UI designer & Research Assistant

NOHO Limited (NOHO)


Karolina Badzmierowska


Noho are specialist producers of captivating digital experiences for museum, corporate, and broadcast clients. From evocative audio to rich, interactive video, web and 3D, our content informs, educates and inspires audiences, young and old alike. The company was founded in 2009 by Niall O'hOisin and is based in Dublin.

In Ireland, Noho have designed and delivered audio-visual and interactive exhibition content for the National Library of Ireland, the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin and Áras an Uachtaráin, among many others. We have delivered numerous digital environments and backgrounds for broadcast, commercials and VFX for the Film and Broadcast industries.

Internationally, our company has provided interactive and AV content for the Allardpierson Museum (Amsterdam, NL) and the Art & History Museum (Brussels, BE). We also have created AV and interactive experiences for Cromford Mills (Derbyshire, UK) and designed, created and installed a large temporary exhibition for Alltech (Kentucky, US). We are currently creating a VR reconstruction of the Glass Dining Room (formerly in Northumberland House, London) for the Corning Museum of Glass in New York and are continuing more work within the Allardpierson and Art & History Museum, Brussels.

Noho has contributed to a number of EU funded collaborative projects. In 2011, Noho participated in founding V-Must. In 2016, Noho began work on two H2020-funded projects CEMEC (cemec-eu.net) and EMOTIVE (emotiveproject.eu). Currently, Noho is working on two new EU-projects: Share 3D (share3d.eu) and MEMEX.

Niall O'hOisin

Managing director - Creative director

Karolina Badzmierowska

Projects Coordinator - Content Creator

Daniel Berroteran

Lead Motion Graphics

Alan Clifford

Lead Developer

EY Advisory SpA


Alessandro Vanoni

Federico De Poli


EY is a global leader in advisory, assurance, tax, transaction services, with more than 230.000 professionals, 788 offices and presence in over 140 countries. The EY organization and its legal structure in the world have been designed to provide a better service to clients. Its features are:

  • A single global organizational structure with a scheme of shared values
  • High levels of expectations related to the quality of service and the integrity in the proceedings
  • A single Global Audit Methodology (GAM)
  • Provision of uniform services to our worldwide clients
  • Human Resources Management global policies, including a global and unique training process.

EY operates under a global vision and according to professional, ethic and independence standards: indeed, EY commitment to quality is the focus of the Firm strategy and overall performance.

Operatively speaking, EY is continuously involved in state-of-the-art consulting projects. On a daily basis, state of the art knowledge is integrated into our approach. Moreover, by leveraging on its multidisciplinary composition, EY is also implementing its Innovation Strategy solution covering 5 building block:

  • Support to Corporate Venturing and Open Innovation modelling and structured implementation;
  • Innovation and Start-up Radar, supporting clients with a tailored matchmaking approach towards the strategic definition of collaboration initiatives;
  • Innovate a clients business, offering consulting services in areas such as Digital transformation, Industry 4.0, New business development, Business model redesign, Customer experience, Branding & Communication and Technology & digital security;
  • Digital and Disruptive Business Models, supporting clients in the development and piloting of new business models

Marco Cirilli

Digital & Innovation Leader

Iacopo De Angelis

Funding & Innovation Leader

Federico De Poli

Digital & Emerging Technologies Manager

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)


Victoria Bruglia


The French National Centre for Scientific Research is among the world's leading research institutions. Its scientists explore the living world, matter, the Universe, and the functioning of human societies in order to meet the major challenges of today and tomorrow. Internationally recognised for the excellence of its scientific research, the CNRS is a reference in the world of research and development, as well as for the general public.

The CNRS has a strong presence on the French Riviera (present in 2 departments: Alpes-Maritimes and Var) and is represented by Aurélie Philippe. With 28 research and service units and 7 GDRs (Research Groups), he covers a wide range of disciplines: biology, chemistry, human and social sciences, environment, engineering and systems, physics, sciences of the universe, mathematics, computer science, in close collaboration with its academic partners. The regional delegation also ensures a mission of support to the units and has 31 million budget, 28 research and service units and 877 CNRS agents including 20 sailors.

Andrew Comport

CNRS Researcher and Lecturer

Christian Barat

Lecturer UCA

Andre Anglade

CNRS Research Engineer

Michael Culture Association (MCA)


Lucie Bertaut

Corinne Szteinsznaider


MCA is a not-for-profit organsisation AISBL created in 2007. It is the only European trans sectorial network for Cultural Heritage. Devoted to European cultural heritage valorization, MCA gathers members and experts from over 150 cultural institutions private and publics - museums, librairies, archives, research centers - ministries of Culture from 22 countries from EU and beyond, of which many represent cultural operators at national level. 

It aims at: Promoting and valorizing European cultural heritage by its digitization and dissemination to a European and worldwide audience; Enhancing the network of European professionals working on digital cultural heritage, throught the actions towards its network including the MINERVA Network. 

Its activities are: Support and development of the transmission and exchange of information, particularly via publications, conferences and events; Research and training on related subject; Networking and participation in European and international projects; Policy/Advocacy; Developing the use of DCH in Culture and Heritage, Education, Tourism areas. Management of Museu-Hub. 

In addition to its members, MCa has signed a membership agreement with NEMO and its member of Culture Action Europe executive committee and of Alliance 3.0. It also has strong relations and partnerships with major European Cultural institutions and networks from all domains such as DARIAH, ICOM Europe, Europeana Pro. Thanks to its networks, members and stadd, MCA has also developed contact with Educational and Research Humanities communities and Cities Representatives. MCA is a major actor of the European Digital Cultural heritage, with a strong experience in all its components & issues and a strong relation with the relevant communities. 

Corinne Szteinsznaider

MCA Coordinator

Lucie Bertaut

Communication & Projects Officer

Maria-Teresa Natale

Projects Manager

Pier Giacomo Sola

Projects Manager

ECCOM - Centro Europeo per l'Organizzazione e il Management Culturale


Giacomo Puletti


ECCOM is an organization created with the aim of promoting an interdisciplinary approach to the cultural and creative sector. Its partners are economists, archaeologists, art historians, sociologists and experts in communication and education. ECCOM carries out analyzes, consultancy, technical assistance, research and training projects for public and private commercial administrations, and develops management plans and feasibility studies relating to sites, programs and cultural investments, operating at local, national and European level. The activities that ECCOM deals with different thematic areas: Audience engagement & Audience development; Cultural heritage & community empowerment; Social inclusion; Urban regeneration. 

Due to its extensive experience in the field of audience development and evaluation of the social impact of cultural activities, within MEMEX ECCOM will cooperate in the planning and implementation phases of the pilot study; in the definition and evaluation of the audience development activities; in the impact assessment of the social impacts of the project; in the communication and dissemination phase, thanks to its participation in European networks, platforms and projects.

Cristina Da Milano

Project manager

Francesca Guida

Senior researcher 

Elisabetta Falchetti

Senior researcher 

Pascuala Migone

Junior researcher

Fundacio Interarts per a la Cooperacio Cultural Internacional (IA)


Fran Gracia


Interarts is a non-governmental organization based in Barcelona, Spain. We promote the value of culture and cultural policies for sustainable human development and actively advocate for the inclusion of culture in local, national and international development agendas. We coordinate international cooperation projects: since 1995, over 1.000 projects in 70 countries (Europe, Latin America and Africa) linking culture to human rights, health, the economy, social inclusion, migration, smart city branding, etc.

INTERARTS deploys its work in the following activity areas:

Development cooperation: Interarts designs and implements international development cooperation projects with a cultural dimension. For Interarts, culture is both a driver and enabler of human sustainable development and its projects and actions are designed and implemented according to this assumption

Networking Advocacy: Interarts has always been active in European cultural networks. We consider that networking strengthens our organization and enables us to take part in on-going debates on issues of crucial interests for the cultural sector, advocating for a major role of culture in European governance.

Consultancy: Interarts provides consultancy services, for both private and public entities. It puts at the disposal of public and private operators the knowledge acquired in its different activity areas

Knowledge transfer: Interarts develops training and information activities, including seminars and conferences. Through its webs and social media channels it provides continuous information on our activities and on topics relevant for the cultural sector.

Applied research: Interarts defines itself as a laboratory of ideas and centre of applied research. It focuses on emergent issues of relevance for the cultural sector and for cultural policies.

Fran Gracia

Programme officer

Viviana Pabon

Communication officer

Valérie Weerts

Senior financial officer

Antonio Gucciardo

General Manager

Mercedes Giovinazzo


Mapas das Ideias (MDI)


Ivo Oosterbeek

Ilidio Louro


Mapa das Ideias is a Portuguese privately-owned company dedicated to the relationship between museums, audiences and communities, since 1999. Initially focused on museum communication, the company broadened its services, providing consulting services to other cultural niches. From audience management and communication planning to educational services, from learning kits to exhibition design, Mapa das Ideias has developed a variety of solutions for a diverse range of clients. Of note is the company's national recognition in the field of vocational training for museums and other heritage professionals.

Mapa's training experience started in 2003, with the course "Communicating with Specific Audiences at the Museum", which eventually led to the development of a 'Museum Mediators' international transfer of innovation project, developed with partners from five countries, contributing to the establishment of the company in the sector of vocational training for cultural professionals. 

This experience has continued onward and is currently noticeable through the participation in the ADESTES+ project, dedicated to promoting organizational change through Audience Development in cultural organizations.

Our experience in socially engaged projects is built through three different avenues of action: firstly, by working closely in several projects with SSOs, such as the Instituto Marques de Valle Flor secondly, via Mapa's advocacy work; and thirdly, working within the framework of the non-profit CSOs founded by the company's members, "A Reserva" and "História para Pensar".



Third parties involved in the project

This category applies if there is an "established" contractual or other legal link between the project participant and the contractor. Such linked third parties are allowed to carry out work for the project independently and to claim their own actual costs for the work they perform.

Two linked parties has been identified within MEMEX Description of Action: University of Venice (UNIVE) as linked third party of Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) and Dédale (DED) as linked third party of Michael Culture (MCA). 

University Ca'Foscari di Venezia (UNIVE)



Founded in 1868, Università  Ca' Foscari Venezia is a leading university in Italy in Economics and Management, Humanities, Languages and Literature, Science. With more than 20,000 students and nearly 1,400 staff, UNIVE is organised into 8 Departments, 3 Schools and an  International College, committed to developing the next generation of researchers, scientists and academics through collaboration across disciplines, advanced research projects and innovative study programs. Founded in 2005, the European Centre for Living Technology (ECLT), at Università Ca' Foscari Venezia is linked with 17 European public and private research centres, and it is devoted to the study of technologies exhibiting life-like properties such as self-organization, adaptability and capacity to evolve. The ECLT researches require strong interdisciplinary collaboration, which is one of the hallmarks of its intellectual culture.

Several groups are actively developing research collaborations and all are devoted to the theoretical and methodological development in the study of dynamical complex systems. Over the last ten years, ECLT has been coordinator and partner in several FP6, FP7, H2020 and EuropeAid projects, and has developed extensive experience and competences in project coordination and planning, including the involvement of SMEs, creative industries, civil society organizations and local authorities.

Marcello Pelillo


Sebastiano Vascon

Assistant professor

Feliks Hibraj

Research Assistant

Claudio Silvestri

Assistant Professor

Dédale (DED)


Julien Brouillard


Dedale is a French research and production non-profit agency dedicated to urban and social innovation. It develops an expertise especially in the field of urban planning and policies, Smart Cities, new tourism, culture and media, sustainable development, citizen Empowerment...

Its key activities are assistance and consulting for public authorities and European institutions, urban planning for local authorities and urban developers, the Paris SmartCity Living Lab management, innovative mobile applications development for cities and citizens, and international events production : Park(ing) Day (reinventing public spaces and mobility in 53 French cities), Playgreen (eco-creative biennial on the banks of the Seine in Paris, Emergences (digital art festival in La Villette, Paris), Urbanitis (Euro-Asia  Forum on Creative and Sustainable Cities in Beijing).

Dedale is also frequently involved in European programs and initiatives such as Europe Creative, Innovation and Research, Information society... Since 2004, Dedale has been mandated by the French Ministry of Culture to coordinate the French participation in European innovation and research projects. Moreover, it is President of the Michael Culture network (European network for cultural heritage digitization and valorization) and actively participates in the construction of the European digital library through European cooperation projects such as Michael, Athena / AthenaPlus and Linked heritage.

Dedale is supported by the Paris Region, the City of Paris and the French Ministry of culture and communication.

Julien Brouillard

Project Director

Laura Falzon

Project manager

Ines Martorell

Project manager

Memex project started in 2019 and will run until 2022.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870743.
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